Wedding only or reception only $550.00

Edit your own: Cost $550.00
I will deliver Mini DV tapes to you so you can edit at your home on your own computer.
You supply all items/equipment needed to edit. Time starts one (1) hour before wedding and ends three (3) hours after arriving at the reception.


Basic Package $850.00
Arrive at the wedding One (1) hour minimum before the wedding begins.
Set-up check-out equipment before wedding.
Set-up stationary camera (if needed and permitted by the church).
Candid shots before and after the wedding.
Guest comments recorded at the reception.
Reception: until the bride leaves, within reason.
Titles and credits from information supplied by the wedding party.
One location - Extra charge ($75.00) for morning wedding and late evening reception.
Back-up camera at the wedding
Normal delivery time for final product three (3) to four (4) weeks.
Includes Three (3) DVD''s (DVD-R Format) -- (VHS Tapes are special order $20.00)

Available for weddings Monday through Sunday

Call for special prices Monday through Thursday

Additions to Basic Package

Extra videographer at the wedding only $300.00

“Growing up” pictures. Fifty (50) pictures $75.00 fifty dollars if I video your wedding

Rehearsal Dinner $300.00. Three (3) hour time limit.

Highlight Video (7 to 9 minute) $250.00 with music or special audio supplied by the wedding party. If requested after copies are delivered $350.00

Special Request by the wedding party priced at your request

Travel outside the Summerville/Charleston area--$75.00 dollar minimum.

All prices plus tax (7% sales tax) and shipping (estimated at $25.00)

If there are special plans at the wedding or reception please notify me in advance.

Other Services:

8mm and 16mm film to DVD Transfers 

Special occasions - Fifty ($50.00) dollars per hour. Time starts at the time of the event until I leave the event. Two (2) DVD copies.

Photo montage's for any occasion  Montage includes a beginning and ending captions.

Edit your old tapes and write to DVD or I can write you old tapes, as recorded, directly to DVD.

 Note on DVD’S
Non -commercially produced DVD’s are currently in two formats DVD-R and DVD+R
Either format plays well on most new model players. My weddings are produced on
DVD-R. If this does not play on your player I will replace it with a DVD+R when you return the one you have.

A completely satisfied customer is the ultimate goal.